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      Influence of the shape the engine cowling
         on the level speed of the Me 109 G
Nr.   109 06 L 43  
Datum :   22.4.43  
Ausfertigung :     

 Abt. Flugerprobung
 Gruppe    Leistungen

Introduction :      The installation of two MG 131 in the cowling above the engine
                    resulted in adding bulges due to space issues onto both sides of
                    the serial production cowling of the Me 109 G with DB 605 (see
                    pictures). To reduce the additional drag resistance from these
                    bulges, an enlarged,smoothly streamlined cowling was produced.

                    The flight measurements serve to determine the influence
                    of the 3 different cowling designs on the level speed of
                    the Me 109 G.

of the tests :      With each cowling design a test run was performed using Kampfleistung1;
                    The tested speeds were corrected for 0 m altitude and
                    Standard Temperature (Normaltemperatur).

Results :           1. Serial production 109 G – engine cowling :
                                                         Vno = 492 km/h

Serial production 109 G – engine cowling with bulges
                       for MG 131 on both sides
                                                         Vno = 483 km/h
                    3. Enlarged, streamlined engine cowling :
                                                         Vno = 489 km/h
Aircraft :          109 G – 6 Trop. Werk.Nr. 16 476      SL + EM

Propeller :         3-bladed VDM – 9-12087a variable-pitch propeller Werk Nr. 312.8306

Weight :            Ready for take-off : ~ 3100 kg.
Condition of the
Airframe :          Tropicalised (sand filter on the air in-take), series production 109 G
                    with wire-antenna, underwing gondola weapons, external air temperature
                    gauge on the left wing, radiator flap position indicator, main wheel
                    well doors and indicators, non-retractable tailwheel, standard camouflage
                    finish, 2 ETC 50 under the fuselage one after the other, with cover plates.
Day of
Flight:             20 April and 22 April 1943.

Pilot:              Schmid, Lukas.
Execution of
the measurements:   Test run with Kampfleistung1 n=2600 U/min; p=1,3 ata. Radiator flaps
                    fully closed. During the test runs no guns were installed in the cowling.
                    During the test flights altitude, dynamic head, manifold- and supercharger
                    pressure were registered with recording devices.

Notes :

1., Kampfleistung : Steig- und Kamplfeistung, 'Climb- and Combat Power' rating of the engine,
                    allowable for 30 min. 1310 PS output at SL (1.3ata MAP and 2600 RPM).

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