DB 601 N

        The DB 601N was an improved version of the DB 601 that with it's re-designed cylinder heads, increased manifold pressure and revolutions, using 'C-2' natural or 'C-3' synthetic 100 octane fuel obtained increased power output. Originally 1400 PS output was planned. The powerplant entered production in the end of 1939 and was
used in the Bf 109E-4/N, E-7/N and Bf 110C fighters and destroyer, and the He 111 P and Do 215 bombers. The datasheet notes that the Bf 109F use another version of the DB 601N, with improved supercharger ('verbessertem Lader'). This latter version had higher rated altitude, otherwise it was similiar.
It should be noted that German datasheets are sometimes quite inconsistent about time limitations; this one qoute 1-min limitation, possibly carried over in error from the DB 601A's 1-min special power boost. Other documents of the DB 601N however give the limit as 5 minutes.

On the
Generalluftzeugmeister meeting on 19 July 1940 at the it was noted that up to that date one Gruppe (Wing, each with 3 Staffeln, or Squadrons with 12 planes) of Bf 109 had re-equiped with DB 601N. 1

On the left :
The fuselage of Bf 109E-4/N, W.Nr. 1190, 'White 4', is being unloaded by Curtiss workers. The Emil belonged to 4. Staffel Staffel of  JG 4, and was flown by Uffz. Horst Perez on, when it was shot down on the 30th September 1940 over East Dean during the Battle of Britain. Note the fuel triangle with the '100' label, pointo to 100 octane fuel and the DB 601N.

        On the Generalluftzeugmeister meeting on the 22nd January 1941, the Generalstab pointed out the following figures
on the number of 'active' DB 601N installed, referring to reports from the units on 1st of January, thus giving us a good picture
on the number of Bf 109E-../N types in frontline serviceon the 1st of January : 2

in Bf 109s
Bf 109E-1 : 16 pcs, Bf 109E-3 : 1 pc, Bf 109E-4 : 54 pcs, Bf 109E-6 : 1 pc, Bf 109E-7 : 34 pcs, Bf 109E-8 : 2pcs.  Bf 109F-1 : 5 pcs.

Total 112 Bf 109E with DB 601N present in service, plus 5 Bf 109F.

in Bf 110s
Bf 110C-1 : 4 pcs, Bf 110C-4 : 40 pcs, Bf 110C-5 : 12, Bf 110C-7 : 14 pcs, Bf 110D-0 : 18 pcs, Bf 110D-2 : 20 pcs, Bf 110D-3 : 8 pcs, BF 110E-1 : 176 pcs, Bf 110E-2 : 14 pcs.

Total : 306 engines, ie. 153 Bf 110s with DB 601N present in service.

in Misc. types
He 111P : 8 pcs, Do 215 :  68 pcs.

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